Add Built in Options after installation

Dear Rooters
I have already installed ROOT 6.16/00 on ubunut 18.04, without the built in option builtin_gsl. Is there any way to add it without installing ROOT from scratch?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

@amadio can correct me in case I’m wrong, but you can’t dynamically add pieces to a ROOT installation.

If you still have the build directory, you can reconfigure it, rebuild (it should take much less time as everything that’s already built will not be rebuilt) and reinstall.

Alternatively, you can download pre-compiled binaries for Ubuntu 18 from here – I’m not 100% sure but they should already provide builtin_gsl.

Finally, you can also get a fully functioning ROOT via conda, see the README here.


Enrico is correct, you need to rebuild or install the binaries, it’s not possible to add builtins a posteriori. Cheers,