Aclic x-compilation

I have a root macro I am able to execute as

root myMacro.C+ which also creates a .so.

Now I want to test the thing on a machine which does not have a compiler (a Xeon PHI), so I would need to run directly the .so.
I have instead another host machine on which i can x-compile, but eventually cannot run “root.exe” (since the “root.exe” is for the MIC architecture).

So: question is: how can I get the exact command + intermediate files “root myMacro.C+” uses & creates?

I would need them, so that I can point to the x-compiler instead of the system one …

thanks a lot


to better explain, on a standard machine (which can compile its own code), while I do

[root] .L myMacto.C++

i can see it is running stuff like

/afs/ --lib-list-prefix=/gpfs/ddn/cms/user/boccali/ROOT/CMSSW_6_2_0/src/TEST/GBRLikelihood/test/eregtraining_8TeV_C_ACLiC_map -f /gpfs/ddn/cms/user/boccali/ROOT/CMSSW_6_2_0/src/TEST/GBRLikelihood/test/eregtraining_8TeV_C_ACLiC_dict.cxx -c -p -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/gpfs/ddn/cms/user/boccali/ROOT/CMSSW_6_2_0/src/TEST/GBRLikelihood/interface/ -I/afs/ -D__ACLIC__ /gpfs/ddn/cms/user/boccali/ROOT/CMSSW_6_2_0/src/TEST/GBRLikelihood/test/./eregtraining_8TeV.C /gpfs/ddn/cms/user/boccali/ROOT/CMSSW_6_2_0/src/TEST/GBRLikelihood/test/eregtraining_8TeV_C_ACLiC_linkdef.h

I just would like to have persistently saved /gpfs/ddn/cms/user/boccali/ROOT/CMSSW_6_2_0/src/TEST/GBRLikelihood/test/eregtraining_8TeV_C_ACLiC_dict.cxx and /gpfs/ddn/cms/user/boccali/ROOT/CMSSW_6_2_0/src/TEST/GBRLikelihood/test/eregtraining_8TeV_C_ACLiC_linkdef.h

which are deleted after the successful compilation …