ACliC slow first time in a root session


I am using 5.34.36 on widows 10. I build my dll w/ VS2010 and load into root w/

When I then try to compile and load a script w/

there is a ten second delay before anything happens - then the script compiles and loads - from that point it runs fine. This ten second delay is a new behavior. If I make changes to myscript.cpp and compile+load again, within the same root session, there is no delay - the delay is only when I use AClic the first time is a session.

As I say, this 10 second delay is a new behavior: Two things happened between the old behavior (no delay) and the new behavior that are no doubt related, but how?

  1. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  2. I had problems w/ VS2010 and uninstalled it and re-installed it.

Any hints on what might have caused this delay to appear…better yet, how to eliminate it…would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


PS - we are eagerly anticipating root 6 for windows!! have noticed recent activity!!

Hi Ed,

That might well be a Windows 10 “feature”… I’ll try and let you know.
And VS 2010 is quite old (I cannot try Windows 10 AND VS 2010)…

EDIT: So I cannot try, I have Visual Studio 2015 on my Windows 10 VM and it cannot co-exist with another version… Sorry about that :frowning:

Cheers, Bertrand.