ACLiC doesn't compile if I include a header from the `cereal` library

The problem is if I add the following line in my code (say the filename is Code.C):

#include "cereal/archives/json.hpp"

And then try to compile it:

gROOT->LoadMacro( "Code.C++" )

I get the error: error.txt (4.9 KB)
If I don’t include this file everything’s fine. I think I should add a link tho that file: json.hpp

I know the problem may be too generic but anyway what could have caused it?

Thank you in advance

ROOT Version: 6.06
Platform: CentOS 7
Compiler: g++ 4.8.5

You’re using a pretty old ROOT version.
Try the “latest release”.

Got it! I’ll try it on my own machine a bit later.

It seems that your compiler thinks Main.cpp is a C file, not a C++ file. Very curious. But maybe that allows you to understand the problem?

Ok, I tried to compile it on ROOT 6.20 and everything’s OK. So I don’t really want to know what was the reason :slight_smile:

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