ACLiC compiling problem

I install Root on windows 10 from the “root_v6.20.04.win32.vc16.debug.exe” provided by the Root website, I use MSVS 2019.
When I try to compile macro1.c from the beginer prime user guide from section " 3.2 A more complete example" with the command “.L macro1.c+” I have this error message:

root [1] .L macro1.C+
I>nfo in TWinNTSystem::ACLiC: creating shared library C:/Users/youri/Root/01-Learning/01-PlotData/macro1_C.dll
Création de la bibliothèque C:/Users/youri/Root/01-Learning/01-PlotData\macro1_C.lib et de l’objet >C:/Users/youri/Root/01-Learning/01-PlotData\macro1_C.exp
LINK : fatal error LNK1181: impossible d’ouvrir le fichier en entrée ‘msvcp140.lib’
Error in : Compilation failed!
I seek on the net for the LINK error LNK1181 but I do not find any information on the msvcp140.lib file.
Made I a mistake when I install ROOT ? or should I add a path ?
Thank you to help me.
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ROOT Version: 6.20.04
Platform: Windows 10
_Compiler: default MSVC 2019 compiler

First, welcome on the forum!
Then, this issue should have been fixed on more recent versions of ROOT. I would advise to wait for the next release (6.22.00), where several issues on Windows have been fixed. This release should happen very soon

You’re right, I forget my manners : Hi
I thank you for your answer.
Have a good day
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