ACLiC and debugging


I get a (compiled) macro which crashes and would like to debug it (gdb root.exe, then compile and exec the macro), but gdb does not seem to be able to find what it needs to do its job…
Tried gSystem->SetBuildDir, with no success… What do I miss here ?


[code]root [3] gSystem->SetBuildDir("/Users/laurent/Alice/AliRoot/Dev/trunk/aliroot/MUON/test_out.10")
root [4] .L MUONTriggerEfficiency.C++g
Info in : unmodified script has already been compiled and loaded
Info in : it will be regenerated and reloaded!
Info in TUnixSystem::ACLiC: creating shared library /Users/laurent/Alice/AliRoot/Dev/trunk/aliroot/MUON/test_out.10//Users/laurent/Alice/AliRoot/Dev/trunk/aliroot/MUON/test_out.10/./
Reading symbols for shared libraries warning: Could not find object file “/Users/laurent/Alice/AliRoot/Dev/trunk/aliroot/MUON/test_out.10/MUONTriggerEfficiency_C_ACLiC_dict.o” - no debug information available for “/Users/laurent/Alice/AliRoot/Dev/trunk/aliroot/MUON/test_out.10/MUONTriggerEfficiency_C_ACLiC_dict.cxx”.

. done

(root 5.27/06b macosx64)[/code]


Doroot [3] gDebug = 7; root [4] .L MUONTriggerEfficiency.C++g