Accessing TTree branches in a TFolder saved in a file

Dear Rooters,
I’ve created a structure of TFolders to keep my trees organized and now i want to make this structure permanent, so i don’t have to recreate it every time i open root. I guess that the best method is to write my main folder i a .root file. If i do this way i can access trees and their branches in the root browser but i don’t see any branch if i use the tree viewer. If i open the tree viewer with the tree inside the folder not contained in the file everything is fine. Am i doing something wrong here? The code is very simple, i just create a .root file and call the write function on the main folder.



We need more details from your side, including a file containing you folders.
Note that you can create a directory structure on disk (hierarchy) via TDirectory::Mkdir and save your Trees in this directory (persistent by definition).
Also note that the most efficient way is to create top level branches into one single Tree such that the caching mechanism works in an optimum way.


Thanks for the answer.
Here i’ve attached the file containing my folders and trees.
If you open it with the browser and perform a TTree->Scan() you can see that everything is fine, but if you open the tree viewer there are no branches.
An additional info: i used std::vectors as tree branches.
TriggerBoardData.root (15.5 KB)


This problem is solved in the svn trunk (r34293). Thanks for the report and for the example file.

Cheers, Bertrand.