Accessing tree inside a tree

Hello everyone,
I am struggle to access to some variable in my root file I attached here. In fact with TBrowser I can see that inside the tree CollectionTree there is McEventCollection_p5_GEN_EVENT, then m_genParticles, but I don’t know how to access to the genParticles from a macro and do some plots under a loop over the totals events for instance.
It will be easier for me if it was a tree inside a directory but here it’s like a tree inside a tree…
Can someone help please ?
Here is the link of my file

You don’t have a tree in a tree, it’s just a tree branch – think of it as a column of a table, that in turn contains more columns (a complicated column).

Please take a look at our user’s guide as well as a few tutorials on trees etc. They can all be found under “Getting Started” on our website.

By the way, if I am not mistaken that is Atlas data, and to read it the way it is meant to be read you have to use Athena/RootCore.

Hope this helps,

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