Accessing other branches with TRef

Hi all,

I having some trouble understanding TRef’s. I have a TTree where I loop over the events and try to apply some cuts on. The tree has branches with subbranches containing the actual information eg. branch Electron has a subbranch Electron.Phi that contains the phi values of the electrons in that specific event. I access the values with a TTreeReader and a TTreeReaderArray for each subbranch I need to apply a cut to.

However, one of the subbranches has as datatype TRef which, as I understand it, should point to a different object in the tree. Because of the problem background I know that the reference should be too a different branch called Particle which contains information on truth level of the objects in the other branches.

Here is an example snippet of how I go about it.

TTree *tree = nullptr;

TTreeReader reader(tree);

TTreeReaderArray<TRef> Electron_Ref(reader, "Electron.Particle");
TTreeReaderArray<Int_t>; Particle_PID(reader, "Particle.PID");
TTreeReaderArray<Int_t> Particle_Status(reader, "Particle.Status");
TTreeReaderArray<Int_t> Particle_M1(reader, "Particle.M1");

while (reader.Next()){

// Get the TRef object.
TRef refObj = Electron_Ref[0];

// Get the pointer of the object the TRef object is referencing to.
TObject * pObj = refObj.GetObject();

// Use this pointer to get the values from subbranches defined above.


Could someone help me? Please let me know if any of the above is unclear. Any advice would be very helpful!


_ROOT Version: 6.14/06
_Platform: macOS
_Compiler: ROOT macro


Could you explain what doesn’t work? Is pObj null? Or do you see a crash - if so, what’s the backtrace / output?

Cheers, Axel.

Yes, pObj is a null in this format.

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