Accessing Object Information Available in TBrowser Without GUI

Hi, so I am using ROOT with CMSSW, and a lot of the branches I’m looking at contain objects with multiple different methods and such. Using the TBrowser, I can see all of the different methods available under the branches. However, when I use TTree->Print() or edmDumpEventContent I only get the branches. I was wondering is there a way to get the object information I am referring to without using the TBrowser? It feels like there should be an option to print it out somewhere, as using the GUI can be painfully slow if I am ssh’d onto LXPlus for instance. Any help is appreciated and let me know if there’s any other information I should provide, thanks.

_ROOT Version: 6.24/07

Hi @Lynne!

This kind of information can be retrieved from the TClass that represents the class of your object. You just need to call IsA() on your object to get a TClass * pointer. Then you can use for example TClass::GetListOfMethods() to get all the methods defined for that class.

Is that a step in the right direction? Let us know if you need more help!