Accessing files with rootd

Hello ROOT community.

I am accessing files with rootd.I set up


on both machines and

machine host31 login blah password DkrblahtblahSw

on the “File server”.

It gets the files right but still askes me to prompt my name on each file. BTW I have 15000 of them. :slight_smile: The easy solution would be to run root inside expect script. If someone has any better suggestion I’ll appreciate it a lot.

Here is the code:

TChain* chain





I had several problems.

  1. .rootnetrc should contain the (non encrypted) password.
  2. . rootdpass should contain the encrypted password.
  3. .rootnetrc should contain the full name (with domain) of the server even if it is listed in local /etc/hosts.
  4. If identities on the local machine and the file server are different then:
    local .rootnetrc should contain the remote identity with your pass
    remote .rootnetrc should contain your local identity with your pass.

Finally it works for me. Not all of this is clear from the docs.

Thanks a lot anyway.