Accessing file from castor

I am working on lxplus using the version of root (5.18.00) that is included with the athena build.

I have a root program that contains the following line of code:

TFile *f = TFile::Open(“rfio:/castor/”)

when compiled and run, I get the following error:

Error: cannot open file “libSTLAddRflx” /afs/

The same command run form a root prompt in the same environment allows me to open and scan the contents of the file. I’ve used identical code in the past to access files on castor (around last fall), and it always worked without difficulty.

Replacing rfio: with castor: gets an identical error.

Thanks for any help.


libSTLAddRflx is an Atlas/Athena specific library. It should not be requested/ask for in ‘bare root’. So Atlas/Athena specific script/library/configuration is inducing this error. You may want to check with your friendly Athena maintainer for additional help.