Access violation Exception when interfacing ROOT and .NET

I have recently written a custom C++ library that uses ROOT and I have been able to run the code from within a Win32 Console application project (VS2010). In the library I open and read a root file. I am reading and storing several primitive values such as int or string as well as complex values such as vector.
I am curently trying to build an interface between the library and a simple C# application. To do that I am using a C++\CLI dll project that contains the original (unmanaged) C++ code as well as a set of wrappers writen in (managed)C++\CLI. All goes well and my dll is imported in the application.
When I call the library routine that accesses the file I am able to traverse the tree and branche structures without issues and I am even able to read leafs containing primitive data such as string or int however when I tried to read leafs containing vector objects I got a nasty Access violation Exception:

I have no clue what might be wrong or what to do next. Has anybody encountered a similar error?

Dear All,
I have a Release version of ROOT so I resolved the issue by switching my C++\CLI project to Release. Now everything works just fine.


Indeed, on Windows the release and debug release are most often incompatible (due to implementation choices made by Microsoft).