Access to Oracle DB

I can’t connecting to my local Oracle database.

I wrote this:
TSQLServer *db1=TSQLServer::Connect(“oracle80://aboutwindows”,"…","…");

There no errors, but didn’t connecting.

Aboutwindows is the name of my computer.


We are missing a lot of information about your issues. Which type of OS do you have? Which version of ROOT are you using? How was it compiled? Which version of the oracle plugin did you use?

Also the prefix for oracle is simpley ‘oracle:’ not ‘oracle80:’.


I have:Windows2000, ROOT 4.3, Oracle8.
Prefix: oracle?
But in this case there is the follow error:

Error in TWinNTSystem::DynamicPathName: Oracle does not exist in D:\root/bin, C:\WINNT\System32,…

I found the same topics on this forum, but tere are all no solved.



The fact that you did not get an error message with the prefix oracle80 is a bug.
Your second message is more appropriate it indicates that you did not built the oracle plugin, for this you need to call ROOT’s configure script with:

–enable-oracle Oracle support, requires libclntsh
–with-oracle-incdir=… Oracle support, location of occi.h
–with-oracle-libdir=… Oracle support, location of libclntsh

We only have tested this with oracle 10 (and it is unlikely to work with older vesion). For older version of oracle, you may have to use the gsi version of the plugin.


Is there neccesary to use cygwin to call
ROOT’s configure script (root-config)?

Is there another ways to call it in windows?

our build system assumes cygwin.
We know that a few users have reported success in installing from VisualStudio, but I have never seen concrete guidelines to do it.


When I call ROOT’s configure script (root-config), there are no such keys!


see examples of configuration files at: … onfig.html