Access to entries (1 by 1) inside a bin in TProfile


I would like to access all the entries in an specific bin of a TProfile. I know that I can get the number of entries in the bin, its mean, its error and so on. But can I get them all 1 by 1?

If not: can I at least know the maximum and the minimum inside an specific bin of a TProfile?

Thanks in advance.


See the doc of TProfile at which describes the statistics kept. Neither the bin content of the original bin is available, nor the min / max per “slice”.

You probably want the original histogram, not the TProfile for those?



Thank you. That was the sad confirmation I was missing. I can go back to the original, but for some codes that is very inefficient.

I wonder if keeping the max/min for each bin in this stat set is not too much. That could be something to implement, if somebody with influence agree. :slight_smile:


I’d just keep the original hist and then project that into a TProfile. Unless you have too many bins this should be fairly efficient…


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