Access file by xrootd

Hi everyone,
I am not sure if here is the best place to ask my question, but I would appreciate if I could have help.
In fact I am trying to access to some links using my grid certificate.
After I enter in cms environnement by cmsenv, I use voms-proxy-init --voms cms, to enter my grid certificate pass word.
And if I do for example :

I tried all the command I could find but it doesn’t work.

Dear diboye,

This is more a question for the XRootD forum. See
Anyhow, xrdcp is a copy tool that assumes that you know the path you want to copy. There are limited recursive capabilities but only in the other direction, i.e. for copying local files to an xrootd server.

For listing, and other similar operations on the metadata, you can have a look at the command xrdfs. You can find the man page on the XRootD site under docs.

G Ganis

Thanks a lot for your response!!