Accented characters

:question: Consider the following code, in compiled code, in an application built upon root (ROOT 4.00.08)
char *txt=“éèùï”;
cout << txt << endl;
Result on Windows XP: ÚÞ¨´ ==> bad!
Result on Linux: éèùï ==> correct!
If you try the same 2 lines of code in CINT, the result is the same on Windows XP, and the test is impossible under Linux, because CINT refuses the entry of the accented characters.
So 2 questions:
(1) - is it possible to obtain the correct result on Windows XP in the case of the compiled code?
(2) - is CINT definitively incompatible with accented characters?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi Gentit,
you need to use wide characters and wcout
check a CINTalk thread … #first_hit

(3) there is also limitation in
getline() routine which is handling console input.

Regards. Valeriy