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[ACAT-2021] ROOT Files Improved with Extreme Compression: use of software patents?


very impressed by the numbers from this ACAT-2021 presentation:

one thing (p10) worried me a bit though: it isn’t clear to me how non-ROOT/C++ implementations are supposed to be able to read/write files using this new compression scheme if that scheme is patented (and granted permission to use by ROOT (only?))?

what would be the implementation path (in BSD-3 or MIT) of such a critical component of ROOT I/O for non C++/ROOT implementations?

The permission is granted to the scientic communitee as a whole. We are planning on having a github repository that ROOT would “just” use to build the library as a ‘regular’ external built-in.

ok. thanks for your reply.

ideally, this would also grant the permission to reimplement it in another language (Go, Julia, Rust, whatever) from sources.

I will ask. On a related note, how do you handle the other algorithm (LZMA, ZStd, LZ4)?

great! thanks.

there are pure-Go implementation(s) of these compression algorithms, with BSD/MIT licences (and various degrees of robustness).
all of them are compiled-in and shipped with groot.

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