Absolute TAxis title sizes

I have a TCanvas containing several differently sized pads, each containing a TGraphErrors. I would like to arrange it so that all the TAxis titles have the same absolute size. However, since the title size is determined as a fraction of the pad size, it’s tricky to do this. I guess that you need to make sure that each pad is vertical with

then set the title size to be:


I tried to do this but it didn’t seem to work. I’m guessing that I’m failing to retrieve the pad width correctly (I couldn’t find a definitive answer on how to do it). Could anyone tell me how to make this work?

Basically I think I need to know the formulae that get used when determining the pixel-wise size and offset of axis titles in terms of the pad dimensions. I could trawl through the source code, but I though somebody might just know.

I solved the problem by setting the font precision to 3, which changes the behaviour of SetTitleSize so the font-size is in pixels. This doesn’t re-scale the text if the window gets resized but does the job I need it to. It might still be useful to document somewhere how the relative scalings of titles and labels are calculated with respect to the pad size.