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About the Newbie category


What to ask:

If you don’t know whether your question is appropriate then post it here!

Our community has more novice than experienced users, so don’t be afraid to ask anything. Bonus points for checking (using search) that your question isn’t answered elsewhere yet.

Auto-discarded by default:

Once answered we will hide all topics here, so your questions don’t leave visible traces. We might suggest to move a topic to a non-newbies category if we find it too good to hide away - but by default we will hide.

How to ask good questions:

Let us know what you did, what you expected, and what happened. Tell us what your operating system is, which version, and where you got ROOT from. Quote the error message you see. Surround code by triple backticks:

some code

Now please just hit “New Topic” and we will happily help!

Newbie forum for when you're not sure