About TChain and MakeClass

I Chain some files as the following and produce a Class of Analy.

TChain chain(“T”);


It will produece Analy.C and Analy.h. After I add some codes in the Analy.C and run the Analy.C in root, it shows some arrays in Analy.h is not length enough. Is it normal?
In order to make sure the length of arrays are long enough, I edit the array by myself.
So I run the code in root, but it also show some warning such as,
Warning in TBasket::ReadBasketBuffers: basket: has fNevBuf=0 but fEntryOffset=0, pos=2930196, len=20799, fNbytes=0, fObjlen=0, trying to repair

Error in TBranch::GetBasket: File: root://ccxroot.in2p3.fr:1999//hpss/in2p … st_11.root at byte:0, branch:CaloTower_E, entry:100, badread=0

Who knows the reason?


Usually this type of error message indicates that the root file has been physically corrupted (aka bad disk, bad transfer, incomplete transfer, crash of the process writing the file, etc.).