About root Integration

hi, every one.

i have read the root 's user guider.
i am astonished by the strong power of root.
i want to integrate all the function of root(including the histograms,graph,network,math,intepreter…)into our program,so that our program can provide a development platform to our user.

our program is now developped in the msvc7 + windows xp sp3
how can i integrate the root into our program?

is there anything i should study?
can anyone give me a guideline on how to integrate it?


sorry, I did not see your posting…

You simply install ROOT where your program is supposed to run (and where you build it) and you link the libs you need. See $ROOTSYS/test/Makefile.win32 for examples of how to build a standalone binary on Windows.

Cheers, Axel.