About Roofit use manual's Appendix C


In RooFit_Users_manual_2.07-29, I can not find Appendix C. where can I find it?
If I want to know the differences between the default fitting method in ROOT and in RooFit, whether I can get the answer from Appendix C?



The authors wrote in the Appendix C of the manual “This section is scheduled for the next version of the manual” (see page 69). I have pointed your post to Wouter Verkerke and I hope he will answer your question.

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Appending C is still work in progress (unfortunately).
Is there a specific question I can answer for you meanwhile?


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I am sorry to reply later :blush: . I have two question:

  1. Chi-squre fit method and Loglikelihood fit method, what are their advantage and disadvantage? If I want to fit a TGraph, which one should be chosen?
  2. In ROOT, if I fit a TGraphErrors with Chi-squre fit method, the weight how to be computer?

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sorry for the late replay.

See for example section 32.1.2 and 32.1.3 in


For a TGraph in general you should use the chi2 method and this is what is done in ROOT when fitting via TGraph::Fit.
In some special cases, for example when fitting efficiencies, which have the binomial errors, then it is recommended to use a log-likelihood method.

The weights used when fitting a TGraphErrors takes into account also the error on the x value (coordinate).
The effective variance method is used. The chi2 element are computed as
the sum of the quantity below at each point:

                 (y - f(x))**2
     ey**2 + (ex*f'(x))**2  

where ey is the error on the value y, ex is the error in x.

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