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About PyROOT ,When I use Tvector3 and XYZVector ,I will get error. It may be the Moudle problem

When I do a reconstruction for my work. I use PyROOT to create my scripts. I use TVector3, TLorentzVector, XYZVector and so on. When I run my script, It can run, but my hist not fill .When I check TraceBack, I found a Error, I can’t solve this problem. So I hope if you know this problem, please help me.

ROOT Version:v6.22
platform :Ubuntu20.04LTS

This is the Error:

IncrementalExecutor::executeFunction: symbol '_ZN4ROOT4Math9gv_detail47ERROR_This_Rotation_Conversion_is_NOT_SupportedC1Ev' unresolved while linking symbol '__cf_46'!
You are probably missing the definition of ROOT::Math::gv_detail::ERROR_This_Rotation_Conversion_is_NOT_Supported::ERROR_This_Rotation_Conversion_is_NOT_Supported()
Maybe you need to load the corresponding shared library?

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In order to debug the problem, can you share your script and how you invoke it?