A simple problem

Does anybody know why seemingly simple code (included in Test.C) gives me this output:

[code]root [0] .L Test.C
root [1] TestRead()
Is it right? [Y/n]:n
Input sigma:12

Is it right? [Y/n]:root [2] n[/code]

Problem is with the second time I call the function ChooseYes() function it doesn’t wait (CINT) for me to input the option. Does anybody know if this is a legal C++ code or how should I implement this so it works in CINT.
I am trying to implement an infinite loop so I can change a given parameter multiple times in a row and once I am satisfied with the result the loop exists.

Test.C (919 Bytes)

readline finds the leftover \n from cin>>sigma. The attached script works for me.
Test.C (742 Bytes)

I just realized it myself. It is good to sleep on a problem…