A question about why TMVA not processing

Dear experts,

Recently when I used the TMVA, the program will not show the result like it did before, and just stoped and quitted like the screenshot below. But in the past the same code would continue running until the TMVA GUI shows.

I am completely confident I use the same code and files like I used before, but it just doesn’t show the result. I suspect this is maybe because I update some modules by mistake which caused the difference.

But could you please tell me what’s the possible reason that the program stops and quits here? Because there is no any other error report shown.

Best Regards,

That’s usually caused by a memory error. Your best chance is to use a debugger to see where it exits. If you are using Linux then valgrind will be your friend, see Valgrind and ROOT

Thanks very much! I think maybe this is because I was running something else at the same time if this caused by a memory error. Now I can run it smoothly again.