A question about using the results from Fisher method

Dear experts,

I have a question with using the results of Fisher method and want to ask for your advice kindly.

To be specific, I have a set of 37 input variables, and I successfully ran the TMVAClassification.C with my BKG root file and Signal root file with Fisher method booked, thus got the weight.xml file. If I want to use the results quickly, since I know the Fisher classifier is a linear combination of all the input variables, can I just use the weight in the weight.xml file like in the attachment to define the classifier(like classifier = weight1input1 + … + weight37input37) so I can use the classifier in my real analysis? If not, how can I get the formula of the classifier?

Thanks very much!

Welcome to the ROOT Forum! I’m sure @moneta can help you

Thanks very much! I will wait for his advice.

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TMVA together with the XML files create also a C file. In the dataset directory you should have something like a TMVAClassification_Fisher.class.C. This macro contains the C++ code to evaluate your method directly. See page 46-47 to the TMVA Users Guide.



Thanks @moneta , this cfile is exactly what I want and solved my problem perfectly!

Really appreciate about that!