A question about TEnv

I have a code to read parameters in a configure file by TEnv. However the code below crashed in the line to read the file in the root version of v4_04_02b_fbits_trefarray7_eh-GCC_3_4_3-opt (D0 version at Fermilab). But it is fine for the new root version (v5_16). For some reason, I have to stay in the old version since it is default version in our analysis framework.


#include "TEnv.h"

test() {
  TEnv * env = new TEnv();
  std::cout << "Read the evn. file!. " << std::endl;
  env->ReadFile("myconfig.txt", kEnvAll);
  std::cout << "Get parameters in the evn. file!. " << std::endl;
  std::cout << env->GetValue("SignalFiles", "") << std::endl;
  std::cout << env->GetValue("BackgroundFiles", "") << std::endl;