A proper root release for Scientific Linux

Hello, could you indicate which is the newest root version for Scientific Linux 7.7?
Many thanks

Please try sudo yum install -y epel-release && sudo yum install root. Many extras can be installed on top of the basic package, you may want also python3-root at least. Try yum list root-* to see a list of available packages. Remember to install epel-release first. The current available version via yum is 6.20.06. Cheers,

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thank you.
However, I cannot execute any of these commands. The message is: ‘‘You need to be root to perform this command’’. I have already installed all dependencies, including the most common optional.

Try to run with sudo if you can. I will edit the commands above to reflect the fact that sudo rights are necessary.

I’m sorry, I am an absolute beginner. I was able to list the available packages under the version 6.20.06, but should I install them all? They seem like libraries. And then what basic package is it better to use.
Thanks a lot

Just install like this sudo yum install -y root python3-root. This should get you most of what you want. If you see that something you need is missing, use the list to install what you want on top, for example, root-roofit, etc.

sudo yum install root
worked! Should I now install another program like anaconda?

No, just run root with root or if you need PyROOT, install python3-root. No setup or other programs should be necessary.

Thanks a lot!!!

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