A program based on ROOT 6 has too many dependencies

Hello guys,

Right now, I am using ROOT 6 in Ubuntu 12.04 and it works very well.
Then I tried to develop one program to parse ROOT files and it works also well in my IDE,
but when I copied the compiled program into another Ubuntu 12.04 without ROOT 6 installed, it gives us a lot of errors to ask me to append dependencies. Finally, my work folder is like this below.

And my program is in bin folder

I only want to copy .so files, not others like include. So could you please tell me how to solve this problem?

_ROOT Version: 6.22.06
_Platform: Ubuntu 12.04
_Compiler: GCC 9.3

Hi @motein, it is not clear what is an actual error you get.
Could you please elaborate or post error log here?
Thank you in advance!

For example, if no etc folder, errors like below.

If no include, errors like below.

If your code uses ROOT, you need ROOT installed to run it. There really isn’t a way around this.

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