A problem

I tried to use proof today, but my program fails at 96 percent or 95 percent, giving the following information:
Info in TProofLite::MarkBad:
+++ Message from master at pcuwdata12.cern.ch : marking 0.6-pcuwdata12-1261089898-29203:-1 (0.6) as bad
+++ Reason: undefined message in TProof::CollectInputFrom(…)

+++ Most likely your code crashed
+++ Please check the session logs for error messages either using
+++ the ‘Show logs’ button or executing
+++ root [] TProof::Mgr(“pcuwdata12.cern.ch”)->GetSessionLogs()->Display("*")

Can someone kindly show me what is the reason for this? I don’t know why it always stops at the end stage.
Thank you very much

I use 3 root files to do the test:
I can run each of the 3 seprately, but once they combine(2 or 3), the program would break at the very end.

Dear Hsji,

Sorry for the late reply, due to the Xmas break.

From the error you may be experiencing a version mismatch problem.

Let’s go step by step:[ul]

  1. Was there anything in the log file of worker 0.6 ?
  2. Could you please specify which ROOT version you are running
    2.1 Locally (output of gROOT->GetVersion() and gROOT->GetSvnRevision())
    2.2 On the cluster (output of gProof->Print(“A”))
  3. Are you able to chain the 3 files in a TChain and to process
    them locally (no PROOF)?
    G. Ganis