A problem with .L

Goog day.

I have a following problem.
The first, I have starded root session from my home folder at lxplus.
Then I have tried to make class for one of my root files:

TFile f("./folder/file.root")

After that I wanted to load the created empty macro:

[code].L ./folder/file.C

And after that I’ve got the following error:

Error: assignment to ./folder/file_cxx /afs/cern.ch/user/n/nbelyaev/././folder/file.C:2: Error: G__getvariable: expression /afs/cern.ch/user/n/nbelyaev/././folder/file.C:2: *** Interpreter error recovered ***

file.C contains the following lines:

#define ./folder/file_cxx #include "./folder/file.h"

And I can’t solve this error. Hepl me, please.
Thanks a lot, Nikita.


The version of ROOT you are using does not support directory in the name passed to MakeClass (i.e. use gDirectory->cd(“folder”); LHCO->MakeClass(“file”); )