A problem of TMath documentation page

The TMath html page is here:


It is sort of hard for me to find out where its source file location is, I guess something wrong with this page.

Usually the fast way to find a head file’s source file is to replace .h by .cxx, for example, for the URL below:


Replacing .h with .cxx should be working. But it doesn’t. Anybody could fix this problem if it is?



TMath is a namespace. And as such it doesn’t have one defined location for declarations and definitions (header and source). In fact THtml doesn’t know of any source file that’s relevant for TMath, so it can’t process it.

We will improve the situation with documenting namespaces somewhat over the next few months, but I only expect a fundamental improvement (location of functions across different headers / source files etc) during the next year, when THtml will be updated to use Reflex.

Cheers, Axel.