A bug in the ROOT Discussion Forum entry form

Dear rooters,
in the past days I have been posting a request on this forum using the form provided at root.cern.ch/phpBB2/posting.php. To clarify my needs I provided a coded to compile and run added as plain text to the form, but Rene complained twice that my code could not even compile. After a cross check I found out that the original code was correct (could compile) but the copy pasted on the form had several lines stripped away of code elements.

To clarify what is going on I attach here a snapshot of a fake request with an example of code as entered in the code and the resulting “preview”. In order for you to see what’s the problem, the snapshot is a png file.

The snapshot contains a simple C++ map declaration with two indices, a string and a TDirectory pointer. The “preview” comes back with the TDirectory pointer stripped away. I guess this stripping is performed by the php script that processes the text.

Thanks for your attention, Dario

Hi Dario,

as we are just a user of the phpBB2 system, I’ve asked on the phpBB2 support forum for help. As soon as there is a fix or work around I’ll let you know.

Cheers, Fons.