64bit env (ROOT+compiler) calling a 32bit object file

i’m working on LXPLUS (default SLC4 with 64bit compiler, using this ROOT version ftp://root.cern.ch/root/root_v5.14.00.L … 3.4.tar.gz) and compiling a standalone program.
During the compiling process however i need to link a 32bit compiled object file: if i use either 32bit ROOT version and the -m32 option with g++, i can compile correctly all the program, but this is not possible with the 64bit version (i need it since other program build within the ROOT command line doesn’t like he 32bit version of ROOT in a 64bit environment… :wink: ).
Is there a specific command in order to create an “hybrid” executable?

Thanks in advance,

You cannot mix 32 and 64 bits code.
Could you clarify what you mean by


Hi Rene,
well, the point is that if i use the 32bit version of ROOT under LXPLUS (64bit machines) i’ve got some compiler error if i try to compile program within ROOT command line.

However i’ve understood that there is no way to link a 32bit object file using the libraries of the 64bit version of ROOT.