6.14/00 binaries for Ubuntu: C++14/17?

Hello Axel,

Just out of curiosity will we get a precompiled ubuntu version which support c++14/17?
Also have you consider using vcpkg for streamlining the compilation process?


Hi Richard,

As that has nothing to do with the Windows install issue I’d have appreciated you opening a new topic for this. I’ll move it into a new one…

And the answer: we provide very conservative binaries, to not create problems with the distro’s C++ libraries and the way they are compiled. If you want to use C++14 or 17: it’s not that difficult to build ROOT yourself, see e.g. https://root.cern.ch/building-root

Cheers, Axel.

See also some discussion which starts here:

Hi Axel,

I believe you that the compilation is easy (haven’t tried yet) but still it is an extra step and it means by default I am not able to share any code with my colleges. I understand your concern but for my point of view we have a high risk of trapping our self in a certain time. The time moves on and c++ is not anymore, this ancient language which never changes. It is a moving target and from what I understand it will from now on always be an ever-improving language. I am not asking to make it the default but rather have both version in parallel (at least for a time). If you could provide a version which uses the latest bits that would be very much appreciated.


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