5.32 hadd is broken when using indirect files

hadd when given a @list.txt argument chokes at the end asking for non-existent file.
This was working in 5.27 and in 5.32 it is broken.
I first thought this was a problem when using xrootd paths, but a simple case fails.

Transcript follows:

$ cat list.txt 1.root 2.root 3.root

$ wc -l list.txt 3 list.txt

$ hadd -v 99 hadded.root @list.txt hadd Target file: hadded.root hadd Source file 1: 1.root hadd Source file 2: 2.root hadd Source file 3: 3.root hadd Source file 4: Error in <TFile::Open>: no url specified Error in <TFileMerger::AddFile>: cannot open file


Thanks for reporting this issue. It is fixed in the trunk and the v5.32 and v5.34 patch branch.