4.04/02 on MacOSX: "no dictionary for class TTree"

I am compiling and linking an executable against ROOT 4.04/02 on my MacOSX machine (10.3.9). The same executable builds and runs just fine on Linux SL3. On my iBook, it fails to process an input ROOT file with errors:

Is this familiar to anyone? I installed ROOT 4.04/02 on my iBook from the CERN binary distribution (not from Fink).


On older MacOS, the loaded of a libraries does not provokes the creation of the global object from this library. Consequenly, the dictionary are not properly populated. One need to explicit request their loading (See the section about FORCELINK in $ROOTSYS/Makefile)


Thank you, Philippe! The set of “-Wl,-u,…” flags worked perfectly. I now have an executable which compiles, links, and runs identically (within the BaBar software environment, no less) on both Linux and MacOSX.