3D Model Export

I’ve got 3D model in *.ROOT and *.GDML file and I would like to convert it to any other 3D format that can be used in FreeCAD, Blender etc… I’ve tried CAD-GDML FreeCAD Module (GDML) but it is bugged as can be so it won’t work. If You know any way to export 3D model from those formats I would be more than grateful.

Greetings to You all,

Hi Filemon,

There is a TGeo to STEP format converter in ROOT based on OpenCascade (OCC) libraries. Yo have to first install OCC, then configure ROOT with -Dgeocad=ON, then follow the instructions from: https://root.cern/doc/master/TGeoToStep_8cxx_source.html

This should dump the geometry model in a file with .stp extension.


Thats great, Thanks!