3d background elimination


I would like to do background elimination using TSpectrum3 class and subtract the back.
I cannot evaluate backgournd manipulating clipping window size.
Finally, I would like to perform peak integration after subtracting background.
Attachement file result.root includes hxyt_axyt 3d histogram. there are some peaks between 42000usec and 47000usec in z-axis.
Could you handle my data at first step?

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I forgot to attach my data root.tar.gz.
It is too large to upload the data.
So I utilized datadeliver free sites.

Below URL, you can download root.tar.gz.

datadeliver.net/receiver/fi … e2&lang=ja


download duration is expired.
I retried to upload root.tar.gz.
this includes hxyt_axyt 3d histogram.
I would like to subtract high level background.
using TSpectrum3 class.
could you handle my data?

you could download it at this site.
datadeliver.net/receiver/fi … b9&lang=ja

Sincery yours,


I cannot download your file, the web site is all in Japanese. Can you not upload the file on the Forum or upload in Dropbox. If you don;t have an account I can send you an invitation, but you need to send me first as private message your email address.

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Lorenzo, try this link. (Parts of the contents will still be in Japanese, but there’s enough English to do what is needed.)
Check/mark “agree” then click the “blue button” below. On the next page, that will appear, click the “rootfile.tar.gz” link.

Thank you, I have downloaded the file.
I will look at your problem,

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Thank you Lorenzo, Coyote.
I want to extract peak only from raw data, subtracting high level background.
I am looking forward to earlier response at your convenience.
Best Regards,