3 questions on a ROOT python script

I am posting here because I do not think my questions are related to my using python instead of cint… I am attaching my script, which draws a series of functions, puts some legend and format the frame.

  1. Why is it so hard to remove the title? See at the very end of the script. I tried Remove()
    from GetListOfPrimitives() but it does not do anything. Besides, despite my series of Update(), etcc…, I still have to click on the canvas immediately after it showed up in order to update to the final state where the title is not visible… Obviously there is something I do not do right here…
  2. I tried several fonts to no avail : why are the labels in the legends not horizontally centered with the lines? I looked at the user’s guide, and there it seems that the examples are aligned…
  3. Is there a way to get a better looking “hat” in the LATEX formula?

thanks a lot for you help,
fig_x.py (2.14 KB)

At the top of your script, add the statement:


boy… that was simple enough! Thanks Rene. I hope the two other questions will be as simple to answer :slight_smile:.