2D histogram with not aligned bin edges

Is there an easy way to define and use a 2D histogram with not aligned bin edges in ROOT? What I mean should be clear from the figure.


You can create variable bin size bins in X or/and Y, but they must be aligned.
So, the answer to your question is no.


s there any plan to add the possibility of defining non-aligned bins? ?.We have a use case in 2 dimensional monitoring plots for the ATLAS detector: the Liquid Argon calorimeter has varying granularity in eta and phi, so non-aligned bins would result (if I understand what non-aligned means correctly form the picture)
One would have a quadrant where (in certain unit) the bins are squares of size 0.1x0.1, the initail quadrant would be follow by another quadrant which would have bins being squares of size 0.2x0.2.

here bins are here bins are 0.2x0.2 0.1x0.1 |-----------------|------------------| | | | | | | | | | | | | --------------------------------------