2D Efficiency Plot

Hello! How can I make a 2D Efficiency plot? I have something like this
PVefficiencyVsNoTracksVsZ0_ = inputDir.make(*hisRecoTracksvspT_,*hisRealTracksvspT_);
where hisRecoTracksvspT_ and hisRealTracksvspT_ are 2D histograms containing the values that passed a certain selection and all the value, respectively. However I get an empty plot (not even the axis are present, just the title). How should I proceed in order to get the plot that I want? Thank you!


Do you have a macro reproducing the problem ? In case, have you tried after calling TEfficiency::Draw() to examine the histogram that is returned from TEfficiency::GetPaintedGistogram()


This is the code I have:
PVefficiencyVsNoTracksVsZ0_ = inputDir.make(*hisRecoTracksvspT_,*hisRealTracksvspT_);
PVefficiencyVsNoTracksVsZ0_->SetNameTitle(“PVefficiencyVsNoTracksVsZ0_”,“No Tracks vs pT; pT; No.Tracks; Efficiency”);


(there are many other histograms done in the loop over events, I posted just this one, as the others work fine). I realized that actually I get points on the plot (so the histogram is filled), but the label of the axis, the ticks and color code are missing

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