2D-cut drawings with TGeoManager?

I’m wondering whether there is a way to plot 2D cut of a root geometry (TGeoManager)? In Geant3/PAW interactive version was excellent DCUT draw routine which allowed to draw 2D cuts of a geometry sliced along any x,y,z axis and user given distance from 0. On this plot it was possible to pick up the volume properties, measure the distances. Do we have something any close to it in the modern 3D root world? I know that there are top/side views in viewer, but they are useless for real complex geometries. Could we somehow project geom to 2D world, which is much more useful for debugging…


Dear Yuri,

There is a feature called “clipping” in the OpenGL viewer and allows you to clip away using an arbitrary plane or a box. You cannot measure precisely distances, but you can easily produce a view like the picture attached.