2D Array of TGraphErrors

Could the TGraphErrors be used 2D array?Like this

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Sorry, the question is whether you can do that assignment? It depends on the type of the array you are assigning to.

I use double number

According to the documentation:


TGraphErrors expects arrays of doubles (which is what you are passing). Are you getting any error?

I didn’t understand absolutely.waht is the “not doubles” , I have define arrays of doubules.Thanks

I miswrote when I posted, you can find my corrected message above :slight_smile:

This is one :no_mouth:

The message says you are passing as argument a double instead of a double *. Is any of the arguments a double?

Yes , these are doubule value. Does ot mean that the double pointer should be used?

Yes, the constructor of TGraphErrors expects double* (arrays), see link above.

Thank you very much!

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