1st bin is disappeared in plot


I have a problem in drawing histogram by using root at my machine.
When I run a code in my local machine, the histogram doesn’t show 1st bin.( X-axis is log scale)
But when I use root at tier-2, it shows from 1st bin.
Im sorry that I don’t provide much information, but I cannot put my all code here, because it is too long and complicated.
I thought this is because of root version, but I am not sure.
Could someone help me about this?
This is root version I used :
root in my machine : root 6.02.05 (1st bin disappeared)
root in tier-2 : root 5.34.09 (looks normal)


Well, I’m afraid we will not be able to help much without more information than only the ROOT version. Could you post an example of code showing how you create and fill your histogram, or the histograms themselves? (you can save them in a C macros, or in a root file)…

Cheers, Bertrand.

I solve this problem but tricky.
I set xrange by hand, it shows ok.