1D projection from a 3D histogram


I am trying to get a 1D projection from a 3D histogram. I know that my 1D histogram will have the following structure:

TH1D *myhist1 = myhist3->ProjectionY (“myhist1”, minbinx, maxbinx, minbinz, maxbinz, “o”);

So what I want is to project the Y axis from my 3D histogram, but I need those points to come only from one bin in the X axis. So for instance, let’s say that I only need the first bin from the X axis, does that mean that my minbinx=0 and my maxbinx=1? or minbinx=0 and maxbinx=2? I am not sure if the definition of ProjectionY() implies that the limits (minbinx and maxbinx) will be included or not. Also, I don’t want underflow or overflow to be considered in the 1D projection.

Raquel Q

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