0pening a root file on CASTOR from cgi script


I’m trying to make a web server (atlas-trt-web running on a voatlas virtual machine) call root from a python cgi script and open a root file, like you can see at:


it works fine to read the file from AFS, but reading it from castor with the filename “root://castoratlas//castor/…” does not work.

The cgi script: /afs/cern.ch/user/a/attrtcal/public/runroot.cgi

The web server apparently lacks the environment and/or permissions to read from CASTOR in this way. Does anyone know how the server needs to be set up, and what permissions it needs to have to make this work?



Hi Johan,

Can you access the file in an interactive session (as your user)? Is there any error messages?