What does "RootX11ErrorHandler: BadAlloc" mean?

I create a tree from ASCII files, I am allowed to open it, to scan variables, and to see single events. But when I try to draw something I get this error:

Error in : BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) (XID: 29360235, XREQ: 53)

I have no idea of what this error could mean… could someone help me?

These are the information about the branch I was using (but it happens with each of the 23 branches!)

*Br 23 :L0_lcm5ars4 : Baserate/F:Burstfraction:Runnumber:TimeOffset:Step *
*Entries : 785 : Total Size= 28505 bytes One basket in memory *
*Baskets : 0 : Basket Size= 32000 bytes Compression= 1.00 *

Thanks in advance,

Hi Sara,
Which version are you using?
Are you running from an X Terminal ?
If yes, in case you are running Netscape
or similar, could you kill Netscape and run Root again.
This message may be printed when the X server does not have enough memory to generate the image.