TTree Branch appears empty from Draw(), but not from Scan()

Dear ROOT experts,

I recently stumbled over the following problem with displaying the content of a tree branch: if inspect the content from the TBrowser, I see an empty histogram.
If I make tree->Draw("my_branch") , I also see the same (empty) histogram.

However, when I do tree->Scan() or even tree->Draw("my_branch/1.") I can see the valued stored in this branch, and the filled histogram, respectively.

This looks quite weird to me, and I was wondering if someone has an idea what is going wrong.

Note that the branch in question is filled with unsigned long long integer numbers, and is a “flat” branch (not a vector). This is the only branch in my tree that of this type, and all other branches display correctly.

Thank you in advance,

_ROOT Version: 6.12.07
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

@vbotta Attach your ROOT file for inspection.

@Axel Maybe the same problem as here (commit waiting for ROOT 6.24/00?):

That commit is part of v6.24, so this should work e.g. in our nightlies at Index of /download/nightly

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